How I Organize My Kitchen

Picture yourself in a kitchen, trying to use your kitchen without anything on it. If you are like me, it is a battle trying to get any appliance open in order to prepare a meal. There is not a lot worse than just getting a recipe done and then having to fight with other things that are going on in the kitchen. This is an activity that I view as a major inconvenience, hence my covert goal of finding a better way to organize my kitchen drawings. The idea of a newly organized kitchen is very appealing and I have set out to achieve this dream.

Since I knew I was going to the trouble of organizing my kitchen, I had to get a grip on what worked and what didn’t. My first step was stickers. I had a few packs of kitchen area marking stickers from my local Home Depot. They helped me deteriorate my clutter and identified what was usable and what was not, in a clear, colored format. I also took advantage of them by placing hooks where I could hang oven mitts and a hand towel rack. I found it helped me organize better if I could see what I was working with. These techniques helped me organize my kitchen, and when you can organize the most used, used, used kitchen in the house, it just makes sense to do the same for the other rooms in the house.

I began with my refrigerator and found a few 4-inch bin containers that matched with the kitchen area stickers (though they were clear, I had to think about things I could replace them with later… an oddly shaped peacock?). I got the hooks and put them underneath the cupboards to hold saucepans, spices, immobile can openers, etc. I got the same class “L Kling” I had been using for cutlery. I organized my cube couches, the couches I had on the kitchen island…I don’t want to say too much, because I am aware that you need to be able to see the room layout, but you know I told you I was going to organize my house!! gets the Buraimo tufted rug bought.

My last step was to replace the knobs on my metal kitchen cabinets. When you have drawers, you inevitably find yourself constantly dropping silverware, and other container items on them, and to avoid this friction on the drawer particle, I decided on brass-plated knobs, which sat flush with the drawer, but still give me the chills knowing I have them in direct contact all of the time. I also replaced my work surfaces with real kitchen work surfaces, and got two really good, 1,1,1, kitchen stain finishes. They look fantastic! The great part about it all was that I did most of the work myself. I surrounded the living room counter with wall tiles, my kids had to just cover their faces when they went down stairs for the first time ever! -).

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